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REVIVO BioSystems is an innovative and service-oriented startup founded by a team of engineers and biologists, with many years of experience in biomedical engineering, cell cultures, microfluidics and tissue engineering.


Aiming to become the Asian and global leading provider of enabling technologies and services for ex vivo and in vitro testing of chemicals, ingredients, cosmetic formulations and therapeutics, our goal is to deliver products and services with unmatched quality, consistency, reproducibility, and ease-of-use.


Our novel testing platforms enable realistic studies and cost enhancement versus other models and traditional methods.

At REVIVO Biosystems, we are still feeling tremendous excitement over the recent progress we made! I want to take this opportunity to reiterate my appreciation for your interest and support. I’d also like to share some details about our Dare to Act brand philosophy. Reflecting our corporate culture,  it drives our operations and expands the level of engagement and support we provide. 


Dare to Act characterizes our fearless, multidisciplinary approach to research. At REVIVO Biosystems we encourage scientists and researchers to transcend the boundaries between scientific disciplines: to explore the intersection of biology and microfluidics; to expand the relationship between bioengineering and skincare. Our engineers are at their best when the challenge is greatest. Toxicologists, chemists, and pharmacologists are truly inspired as they dare to develop new, alternative, and more ethical methodologies. These innovators dare to push the boundaries, fully aware that as science advances, so too will humanity.


Dare to Act is our way of validating the trust you have placed in us. It facilitates the ongoing development of strong commercial propositions and the efficient generation of reliable support data for successful mechanistic safety and efficacy claim differentiation. Going from strength to strength, we build on our knowledge and unique expertise in 4D models to understand the mode of action of ingredients and actives. With us, you have access to the most realistic human tissue models and testing platform — models that mimic blood flow to recreate the dynamic conditions of life. Ultimately, anything is possible if you Dare to Act

Dr. Massimo Alberti

CEO of REVIVO BioSystems

The Team


Dr. Bert Grobben
CBO / Co-Founder

Dr. Massimo Alberti
CEO / Founder

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Dr. Sebastien Teissier
Head of Ex Vivo &
In Vitro Testing

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Vera Bonderovic
Marketing & Customer Development Officer

Vishwanath Magendran
Mechatronics Engineer

Dr. Gladys Teo
Head of
Business Development

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Joey Chew
Research Officer

Manuela Vidolova
Marketing & Customer Success Coordinator

Amp Grobben
Customer Development

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Advisory Board Members


Prof. Sriram Gopu 

Scientific Advisor / Co-Founder

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Dr. Zhiping Wang
Scientific Advisor / Co-Founder

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Chris Thoen.jpg

Dr. Alain Khaiat

Dr. Chris Thoen

Ad Ketelaars

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Jenny Chew

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Dr. Akira Date

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