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Cruelty-Free skin testing by REVIVO BioSystems

Let's move away from animal testing where possible. There are better and more realistic alternatives. In the European Union alone, 9.58 Million animals were used for various purposes. We can take this number down significantly if we embrace better solutions.

REVIVO BioSystems Pte Ltd specializes in 4D Human Skin models. Our capabilities are the closest commercially available to real human skin. We demonstrate superior morphology and barrier properties at the 3D skin tissue : external environment interface, and the ability to simulate blood flow 4D). This allows skin testing services in an accurate and efficient way.

Reach out to us at to see what we can do for you.

If you want to be part of our journey in becoming a leader in cruelty-free testing, reach out to Massimo Alberti and Bert Grobben. We're raising funds to accelerate our growth.


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