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  • Bert Grobben

REVIVO BioSystems to expand Skin Testing Services

REVIVO Biosystems Pte Ltd is ramping up its Commercial Skin Testing services. Our service center and lab is operational, and fully compliant to the COVID19 safe distancing guidelines.

Our award winning and proprietary 4D skin models provide accurate and efficient screening of chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical compounds & products. Revivo Biosystems provides these services on the most realistic human skin model. Since Singapore entered Phase 2 of the re-opening, Revivo BioSystems has started to take on clients and provide them with revolutionary Skin Testing Services.

No more need for animal testing.

Additionally, If you are already using in vitro skin equivalents sourced from leading suppliers, talk to us. Revivo BioSystems' platform is compatible with in vitro reconstructed tissues and augments the testing capabilities.

Reach out to us if you want to find out more, or for sales enquiries.

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