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Efficiently generate the strongest commercial propositions and reliable support data for successful safety and efficacy claims differentiation

How can you generate stronger claims?

How can you shorten time to market?


How can you gain a competitive advantage?

REVex™ Chip

How can you save resources and costs?

How can we generate accurate data ethically, and relevant for humans?


What makes us better


Increased sensitivity on ReleGO

ReleGO™️ allows you to analyze tiny amounts of active and biochemical ingredients compared to traditional flow-through diffusion technology, with tuneable flow rates as low as 0.5 uL/min, and smaller volumes that flow under the skin tissue at each sampling interval.  In traditional flow-through diffusion technology, higher flow rates are used, which results in larger outflow volumes and dilution of perfusates.


Enhanced precision on REVex

REVex™ chip has been extensively validated against the Franz Diffusion system, and results have proven that it achieves significantly higher precision when conducting dermal permeation experiments.Keen to know more? Read our case study here:

About Us
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More samples out of 1 biopsy - less biomaterial used with REVex

REVex™ chip in the ReleGO™ system lets you use miniature-sized tissue samples for in vitro and ex vivo studies. This is especially handy when dealing with rare or hard-to-find tissues, so you can make the most of your available resources. It also allows you to use the same donor tissue per experiment, which makes your results more consistent and reproducible.


Unique systemic effect simulation

ReleGO™ is the only platform that can accurately study the effects of the systemic application of components by mimicking the blood flow. With the addition of serum, hormones, or growth factors, new exciting possibilities open up for research areas such as more representative modeling of in vivo conditions.

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