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4D in vitro testing solutions
for superior results

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Why choose the 4D?

While in vitro 3D cell culture models capture certain aspects of human tissue physiology, they fall short in replicating the realistic movement of nutrients and waste products within tissues. This limitation hinders their ability to create accurate environments for unique product claims.


Here's how our 4D technology takes center stage. The dynamic 4D system comprises small channels that mimic the flow of blood underneath the skin tissues, resulting in a natural tissue environment that closely resembles in-vivo-like physiological conditions. The expression of essential biomarkers undergoes significant and observable changes, offering a clear insight into the aging process and the effect of your skin treatment.


Testing of new substances is carried out with enhanced accuracy and effectiveness, surpassing the capabilities of static tissue models that do not replicate the dynamic aspects of blood flow.


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Elevate your anti-ageing claims with our unique Chronological Ageing Model

4D Dynamic

Culture System

3D Classic

Static System

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Our proprietary non-oxidative stress ageing treatment utilizes our perfusing model to stimulate tissue ageing and study treatments aimed at preserving skin cell proliferation and stemness


More Services for Claims Differentiation

Safety tests, Efficacy tests & Permeation studies available 


Our Key Highlights

Fine-tuned Compound Delivery

Sustained and pulsed delivery of stress factors, hormones, drugs, and other compounds of interest to interfere with tissue physiology during the tissue treatment/conditioning

In-depth Insights

Enables more comprehensive studies by examining the soluble factors released by the skin into the media over time, achieved through the automated collection and analysis of the outflow.

Long-term Epithelium Studies

Recreates epithelium differentiation while also maintaining the viability of keratinocytes, which allows for long-term studies.

Translational Relevance

Our 4D in-vitro testing enables more efficient translation of experimental findings from preclinical research to your clinical development.

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REVex chip
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How does it work?

Let's create unique in vitro data together

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How our clients rated us

"The test results and interpretations provided by REVIVO BioSystems were very clear and insightful"
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Nano and Advanced Materials Institute (NAMI), Hong Kong


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