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Revivo BioSystems @ the Singapore International Skin Conference

Revivo BioSystems is delighted to support the International Skin Conference 2021 which will be held virtually on February 24 to 26. A distinguished set of speakers will tackle a broad ranging list of topic including aging, atopic dermatitis, pigmentation, wounds and others. We are looking forward to hearing and learning from the experts. These topics are close to our heart as our skin models are providing cutting edge solutions for anyone doing research for, and commercialising dermatology products.

REVIVO BioSystems is a spin-off from the Singapore Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR) and is based in the vibrant biomedical ecosystem in Biopolis (Singapore). Its founding team of engineers, biologists, and clinician scientists has extensive experience in biomedical engineering, cell cultures, microfluidics, and tissue engineering. The team came together with a passion to become the Asian and global leading provider of enabling technologies and services for the ex vivo and in vitro testing of chemicals, ingredients, cosmetic formulations, and therapeutics.

REVSkin is a first of its kind, proprietary, full-thickness skin-on-chip equivalent reconstructed under dynamic culture conditions (4D skin model). The continuous flow of fresh nutrients and the draining away of metabolic wastes enabled by REVIVO BioSystems platform helps mimick the function of blood vessels, unlike traditional inserts-based static 3D cultures. As a result, REVSkin shows natural morphology, enhanced maturation, and improved barrier function.

Reach out to us for more info on what we can do for you.


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