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Reach your market faster, more cost efficiently & more ethically

REVIVO BioSystems Pte Ltd made a pledge to drive a revolution in cruelty-free research and testing. Our realistic, accurate and cost-efficient 4D Skin-on-Chip models allow for avoiding animal testing.

Additionally, our capabilities save significant resources in terms of Biomaterials and Manpower. The automated and miniaturised 4D Skin-on-Chip technology saves 4x on materials needed, while we and our clients can focus manpower on real value added tasks by saving time for e.g. tissue maintenance & sampling.

We pass on these savings to our clients. Our testing services are 50% more cost efficient than traditional alternatives and deliver results 2x faster.

This allows our clients to progress towards market readiness more efficiently, and doing so much more ethically.

Reach out to us with your testing needs, and enquiries.


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