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REVIVO BioSystems awarded by Nature Research

REVIVO Biosystems Pte Ltd has been awarded as a “one to watch” for The Spinoff Prize 2020 by Nature Research (Publishing).

This achievement is an important stepping stone in our path to become the leading provider of enabling platform technologies for non-animal screening of chemicals, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

The recognition from Nature Research (Publishing) and the Merck Group substantiate the uniqueness, relevance and scientific value of our #invitrotesting platform for the #chemicalindustry, #cosmeticindustry and #pharmaindustry.

REVIVO's organ-on-chip platform helps corporate and academic research labs screen the efficacy and safety of ingredients, formulations and final products in an accurate and efficient way, without using animals.

Thank you SpringerNature Digital, Merck Group and @nresearchnews.


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