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2023 in Review - A Final Toast to our Best Moments

Updated: Jan 11

[December 2023 Edition]

Remarkable 2023: REVIVO BioSystems’ highlights

Looking back on 2023, we’d like to take the opportunity to reflect on the key highlights for REVIVO BioSystems: 

The launch of our 4D in vitro testing platform ReleGO™ & REVex™ 

In March we launched our next-generation 4D in vitro testing technology ReleGO™ & REVex™ and made our products available for commercial sale. The well attended event provided us with a valuable platform to introduce our deep know-how, the experienced team as well as the latest advancements in in vitro testing. It was a proud moment for all of us, and this milestone was only made possible thanks to the steadfast support of our investors, partners and advisors.

International Access to ReleGO™ & REVex™  

We have widened sales access to our product offering on the international stage through strategic distributor partnerships in Taiwan, South Korea, India, Thailand, Canada and Japan. These new collaborations provide our customers in the respective regions with greater convenience and accessibility to our 4D organ-on-chip platform and expertise. 

Get the details of our distributors on our product page. 

We exhibited at a number of prestigious events

We exhibited at in-cosmetics Global (Barcelona), in-cosmetics Asia (Bangkok), The 25th World Congress of Dermatology (Singapore), and The 37th IADR-SEA Annual Scientific Meeting & 2nd International Oral Health Symposium (Singapore). Attendees witnessed the in vitro organ-on-chip platform technology first-hand, gained deeper insights into our 4D in vitro skin models and explored its innovative solutions for claims differentiation. 

We unveiled the first ever in vitro oral barriers-on-chip for dental and oral-care research

Grown from human cells and 100% animal-collagen free, these innovative models usher in a new era of accuracy and reliability for your disease and drug studies. Unique dental- and oral-care applications are achievable utilizing our Oral Mucosa-on-chip, Gingiva-on-chip, and Tooth-on-chip. Reach out to our team at if you would like to learn more details.

We welcomed new additions to our team 

This year we welcomed 2 exceptional additions to our team - Stephanie Lim 

(4D Tissues Lab Manager) and  Philippe Vachon (Microfluidics Scientist). 

If you aspire to become a REVIVor and create a significant impact, explore our Careers page for the latest job opportunities. 

REVIVO BioSystems was named “Deeptech start-up of the year” at X-pitch 2023

One of our proudest accomplishments this year was winning the top spot  “DeepTech Startup of The Year” at the X-PITCH 2023 competition. We were also proud recipients of the Category Award for “Best Healthcare Startup”.

New Advancements on the Horizon

In 2023 REVIVO BioSystems propelled forward with solid R&D initiatives, the fruits of which will be made available in the coming years.

Imagine the potential of cultivating your own 4D tissue models directly within the microfluidic device or opting for ready-to-use kits featuring 4D full-thickness models for your tests. Imagine new applications enabled by the development of advanced 4D tissue models of skin conditions or diseased tissues. These new cutting-edge offerings signify a new era of possibilities.

Stay tuned as we unveil these exciting developments! Detailed insights are coming your way soon. For more information or to express your interest, feel free to reach out to us at

Happy New Year & Thank You for your continued support

None of our successes would have been possible without the dedication of our incredible team and the unwavering support of our partners & clients. 

As we bid farewell to 2023, we want to extend our gratitude to each one of you for being an integral part of our journey. We reaffirm our commitment to another year of advancing human-relevant and cruelty-free research.

Our team wishes you happy year-end festivities and a wonderful 2024! 



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