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Breaking New Ground: Unlocking opportunities in India

Updated: Mar 1

[February 2024 Edition]

Exploring the Potential of India’s Consumer & Pharmaceutical Sectors

In a recent visit to India, REVIVO BioSystems' CEO, Dr. Massimo Alberti, and Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor, Prof. Sriram Gopu collaborated with our India distributor, Agaram Industries to engage with clients and prospects. Agaram Industries boasts an extensive distribution network, spanning across key regions in India and with offices in Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Innovative technology for the bioequivalence studies in India

The booming pharmaceutical industry in India, coupled with a thriving Contract Research Organisations (CROs) segment, creates significant demand for bioequivalence studies. This uncovers opportunities for REVIVO BioSystems’ next-generation permeation studies (In Vitro Release Testing & In Vitro Permeation Testing), which transcend the limitations of the traditional methodology with unparalleled precision. To learn how our innovative technology  overcomes these challenges, read the full Permeation Case Study on our website.

Advanced Wound Healing solution for India’s consumer & pharmaceutical sectors

The need for suitable non-animal models in wound healing studies resonates strongly with major players in both consumer care and pharmaceutical sectors in India. Our innovative wound model has been identified as an advanced solution to fulfill this existing demand. Learn how our pre-wounded 4D tissue model is a powerful tool for developing new treatments - read the full Wound Healing Case Study on our website.    

Enhanced In Vitro applications for Contract Research Organisations in India and worldwide

Our visit to Raptim Research, a key CRO in the pharmaceutical industry, reinforced our collaboration centered on the implementation of our 4D in vitro organ-on-chip platform technology to enhance their in vitro applications and open up avenues for further exploration. 

As we continue to advance our technology and methodology, we look forward to the prospect of deepening our engagement with CROs worldwide across the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. We are committed to expanding our collaborative initiatives to address broader research challenges, and implement our products into routine processes and testing.

To explore how REVIVO BioSystems can collaborate with CROs, reach out to

3D Cell Culture Conference in Mumbai

This year’s 3D Cell Culture Conference & Workshop in Mumbai was an excellent platform to share insights into the impact of our microfluidic organ-on-chip technology for in vitro culture and applications of 4D tissue models with field experts, regulators and industry leaders - more specifically human skin and oral mucosa tissue models. 

Request Dr. Alberti’s presentation “4D Tissue Models for next generation safety & efficacy studies”  at  

A panel discussion with representatives of the FDA, the Society for Alternatives to Animal Experiments, Humane Society International (India) and the Japanese Society for Alternative to Animal Testing also brought attention to India's growing commitment to moving away from animal testing. This shift is driven by a combination of cultural values and the government's recent emphasis on exploring alternatives to animal testing, coupled with a keen interest in methodologies based on 3D cell cultures and organ-on-chip  technologies.

We are looking forward to  active knowledge exchange and collective efforts towards providing ethical alternatives to traditional animal models in preclinical testing.

If you would like to learn more about our 4D tissue models and their applications, reach out to our team of experts here.

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