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Curious about Our Products and Testing Services? Discover the Top 3 Burning Questions!

[September 2023 Edition]

Our Innovative Products

In the realm of groundbreaking products, our ReleGO™️ & REVex™️ platform stands out for its ability to advance safety, efficacy and permeation studies.

This platform is meticulously designed to mimic the function of continuous blood flow under the skin tissue, adding a fourth dimension to your research and providing a dynamic system to study various tissue conditions and treatments.

Using ReleGO™️ and REVex™️ is akin to using a capsule coffee machine, where seamless integration of components ensures premium, reliable, and swift results. With fully automated and user-friendly interfaces, researchers have optimal control over media flow rate, experiment duration, outflow collection time points, and temperature, enabling the user to generate more reliable and faster data on new drugs, cosmetics, and active ingredients.

TOP 3 FAQs about our product

Q 1: How long can you run an experiment on ReleGO™️?

A: The experimental duration can vary based on multiple factors such as the type of tissue used, the experimental plan, the design of experiment, and the particular research inquiry being pursued. On ReleGO™️, you can easily program the test period to range from several hours to an extended continuous duration of 58 days.

Q2: For how long can skin explants & other tissues be maintained viable on ReleGO™️?

A: State-of-the-art ReleGO™️ and our microfluidic chip, REVex™️, create a dynamic and continuous flow of media, thanks to which the tissues are kept fresh for up to two times longer in duration than traditional methods. This means you can achieve better flexibility, improved reproducibility, more accurate results for your ex vivo and in vitro experiments.

Q3: Can we use ReleGO™️ & REVex™️ for other tissues besides skin?

A: ReleGO™️ & REVex™️ are compatible with a range of excised and reconstructed tissues, including but not limited to oral mucosa, nasal mucosa, vaginal mucosa, liver, lung, and gut tissues. You can confidently explore the potential applications of ReleGO™️ and REVex™️ for a variety of research areas beyond skin tissue analysis.

Tailored Testing Services

Our testing services support the validation of ReleGO™ through more efficient and representative safety, efficacy and permeation studies, using a variety of tissue models like 4D full-thickness skin and oral mucosa equivalents.

TOP 3 FAQs about our services

Q1: What makes REVIVO BioSystems’ in vitro studies unique?

A: Our in vitro studies stand out due to their ability to mimic dynamic & continuous blood flow, allowing for the natural expression of significant proteins and genes as well as offering valuable insights into chronological ageing and wound healing under standardized conditions.

Read more about our wound healing and chronological ageing case studies on our website.

Q2: What’s the range of in vitro studies conducted at REVIVO BioSystems?

A: From anti-ageing to anti-pigmentation studies, and OECD compliant safety tests, we cover a broad spectrum of in vitro studies, catering to diverse research needs.

Q3: What is included in REVIVO BioSystems’ end-to-end solutions?

A: We offer the execution of experiments, culture of human 4D tissues, comprehensive analysis on outflow samples and tissue histology (depending on desired readouts), and a detailed final report.

Would you like to receive more personalised insights into our products and services? Reach out to our expert team to find out how REVIVO BioSystems can be your innovative partner.

Upcoming events

7-9 November | Bangkok | Booth P38

Exhibition| 23-24 November | Singapore


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