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How to crack the code on the long-term effects of cosmetic and dermatological products

Updated: Jun 7

Understanding the Long-term Effects of Ingredients and Formulations

Cosmetic and dermatological companies have long sought to extend the "usable window" of human skin explants to better understand the effects of ingredients and formulations. While reconstructed skin models can be used for such studies, they don’t fully replicate the intricacy of native human skin.

Our advanced skin-on-chip platform, ReleGO™️ & REVex™️, now makes such extended studies with skin explants possible. Culturing native human skin onto the REVex™️ chip on the ReleGO™️ platform has proven that the skin remains viable, with preserved morphology of the epidermal layers, for up to 20 days. This surpasses traditional static culture approaches, where testing periods for topical cosmetic and dermatological products are known to be limited to at best 7 days.

Our recent studies highlight a groundbreaking difference between the usable lifespan of skin explants on REVIVO BioSystems’ dynamic microfluidic system, and that in the traditional static approach. Cell death in skin explants on REVex™️ & ReleGO™️ is significantly lower, as shown by the quantification of Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) released over time, confirming better maintained viability over a duration of 20 days (see the graph below). 

Why does this matter? LDH is an intracellular enzyme used as a marker of cell death as it is released upon cell lysis and associated with apoptosis or necrosis. The difference in LDH released between the two methods increases over time, demonstrating that ReleGO™️ offers a superior approach to maintain tissue viability.

To explore the benefits of long-term culture with ReleGO™️ & REVex™️, reach out to our team of experts at and learn more. 

Why Switch to ReleGO™ & REVex™?

Our advanced microfluidic organ-on-chip platform, ReleGO™ & REVex™, revolutionizes the way you conduct safety, efficacy, and permeation studies of active ingredients and formulations. By being able to mimic the function of the blood flow, it creates a realistic in vivo-like environment for your in vitro and ex vivo testing.

Key Advantages:

1. Increased Efficiency: ReleGO™ automates testing procedures with liquid handling and time-based sampling, significantly reducing labor-intensive manual operations.

2. Improved Accuracy and Reliability: REVex™ provides a dynamic culture environment where tissues receive a steady exchange of nutrients, oxygen and  wastes, compared to traditional static approaches.

3. Cost-Effectiveness: besides requiring only one-fifth of the tissue size needed for traditional methods,  the technology’s high-throughput sampling capabilities enable a shift from single and destructive end-point assessments to easy tracking of the relevant biomarkers released over time by the same biological replicate, with significant cost savings in biomaterials.

4. Fully compatible with a wide range of skin simulants: Native human skin, reconstructed tissue equivalents, and synthetic membranes.

Fully Automated Protocols Available For:

✔ Permeation Studies (OECD 428)

In Vitro Release Testing (IVRT)

✔ Long-Term Culture of Skin Explants

✔ Time-Based Sampling for Soluble Factor Evaluation

Ready to Transform Your Research? Contact our team today to request for a demo or get a quote.

Upcoming Events 

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A presentation by Dr. Massimo Alberti on June 12, 2024 at 12:00 - 12:20 PM, Seattle Convention Centre

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Topic: "Next-generation in-vitro testing: Microfluidic Models for Ageing, Wound Healing, and Oral Tissue Analysis in Safety, Efficacy, and Permeation Studies"

In-cosmetics Asia | 5-7 November, 2024 | BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand

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