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How to elevate your product claims for maximum impact?

[October 2023 Edition]

The Uniqueness of Our 4D In-Vitro Solutions

Our dynamic 4D system is a remarkable innovation, featuring tiny channels that mimic the continuous flow of blood beneath the skin tissues. This creates a more natural environment, which closely resembles human physiological conditions. It allows for a more realistic in vitro representation of the effect of your treatments on human skin.

Testing of your chemical compounds, ingredients and product formulations is, therefore, carried out with enhanced accuracy and effectiveness, surpassing the capabilities of static tissue models.

New Insights into the Mechanisms of Non-Oxidative Aging

Our unique offering showcases 4D tissue cultures that have a 'healthy' and 'youthful' state from the start, unlike other models. As the aging process unfolds, significant observations follow, such as a noticeable reduction in epidermal thickness compared to pre-aged tissue. Notably, we provide insights into changes in youth and proliferation markers expression before and after aging. This non-oxidative anti-aging model closely resembles natural human physiological aging and is distinct from conventional extrinsic aging models induced by factors like UV exposure (photoaging) and hydrogen peroxide (oxidative aging).

If you would like to learn more, read the Chronological Aging Case Study on our website.

Elevate & Differentiate Your Product Claims

At REVIVO BioSystems, we work closely with you to understand your product and testing needs. Our approach is centered on customization, crafting unique testing protocols tailored to your product's competitive claims and objectives. The result? Comprehensive data insights, quantifiable results, a wealth of information on the best representative models and our internal knowhow to guide your product development and commercial campaigns.

What sets us apart is the translational value of our testing solutions. We bridge the gap between laboratory research and real-world applications, ensuring your product claims remain not only relevant but elevated and differentiated in a highly competitive market.

We are here to support your journey toward scientific excellence and product innovation. Reach out to our expert team to learn more.

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