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[December, 2022]

Revivo BioSystems had another inspiring and memorable year advancing cruelty-free and human-relevant testing. Here is the recap of the key events from this year.

ReleGO™, the game-changing 4D platform, accelerating in vitro & ex vivo testings, is now open for pre-order

The next generation skin-on-chip platform adds a fourth dimension by mimicking the function of continuous blood flow under the skin tissue by means of a more realistic, dynamic system. Tissues receive a steady flow of nutrients via miniature channels beneath them, as they would in the human body, along with the removal of metabolic by-products. This results in better performing tissue models, perfectly placed for permeation testing. Test samples can be applied topically on the skin, and also, reversely, components can be added to the blood flow to assess the effect on the skin. The models are viable for longer compared to traditional methods.

The ReleGO™ maintains up to four REVex™ chips – single-use, credit-sized microfluidic devices on which skin tissues are loaded, and fully automates the tedious manual operations typical of a Franz Diffusion cells apparatus, when conducting studies and in vitro release testing (IVRT). Each REVex™ chip has 3 chambers, which means as many as 12 unique tests or 4 in triplicates can be run at the same time. The REVex™ chip is highly compatible with real human skin samples, commercial 3D skin simulants, and synthetic membranes. With its fraction collector, the ReleGO™ automates in vitro and ex vivo testing procedures through liquid handling, timely sampling and temperature control, thereby offering increased reliability, time-savings and ease-of-use for your preclinical, high throughput screening of active ingredients and product formulations.

In 2022 Revivo BioSystems finalized the system to be flexible and fully programmable. Our clients can transition their current and desired testing needs to the platform without limitation: “Our system, your samples and protocol.”

Contact us for more information.

New technology in the house:

a 4D full-thickness oral mucosa model

We are delighted with the addition of a 4D full-thickness reconstructed oral mucosa model to our testing services. The model is grown from primary human cells, and like our skin model, remains 100% free of artificially added animal collagen. The model can be adjusted to reflect the physical properties in different parts of the mouth, and includes an aging model.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information. We’ll be sharing more details soon. In the meantime, contact us for more information.

Successful Seed Capital Raising

In March we completed our funding campaign to expand our testing service business, and further development and scale REVIVO BioSystems’ unique 4D tissue modeling technologies. Evonik VC and SGInnovate have joined forces with B7 Capital and private investors in our Series Seed financing to support our growth. This demonstrates a growing attention of investors towards technologies that look beyond the way research is done today, and accelerates more sustainable and ethical practices.

Our Dream Team has expanded

We’ve grown as a REVIVO Family with new members of diverse expertise in engineering, research and business development. If you are passionate about transforming the way research is done, join us! We are looking for more individuals to come onboard. Together we will grow, and continue to transform the way testing is done for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and chemicals to be ethical, sustainable and relevant for humans.

In the spotlight

Thanks for the feature The Edge Singapore! In 2022 we have been telling the world how REVIVO BioSystems transforms testing capabilities. We will keep growing the movement towards cruelty-free and ethical testing.

REVIVO BioSystems wishes you a sparkling holiday season, a Merry Christmas with loved ones, and a wonderful start to the New Year!


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