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March into the new era of human tissue testing with ReleGO™ and REVex™

[March, 2023]

ReleGO™ and REVex™ made a memorable debut

2 March 2023 marked a major milestone for REVIVO BioSystems when the official launch of ReleGO™ and REVex™ was held. We had the opportunity to introduce our deep KnowHow, the experienced team, as well as the latest technology platform for 4D in vitro testing to an audience of esteemed industry leaders, partners and investors. We are thrilled to have seen so much enthusiasm and support for this breakthrough. REVIVO BioSystems is here to support your Commercial Strategy development on top of claims data generation & testing project execution.

It was a proud moment for our founders and team, and this milestone was only made possible because of the unwavering support of our investors, partners and advisors.

ReleGO™ and REVex™ are an intuitive and easy-to-use in vitro testing platform with a fully automated fraction collector for your convenient screening of active ingredients, chemical compounds and product formulation.

Curious how to use ReleGO™ and REVex™? Check out the demo here!

Patented technology

Onto more good news - REVIVO BioSystems’ integrated microfluidic system for in vitro testing and tissue cultures has recently been granted the US patent.

This significant achievement provides REVIVO BioSystems with new opportunities in bringing our innovative ideas to market and in realizing the full potential of our innovation. We welcome any interested parties who share our vision to reach out to us to explore potential opportunities to work together.

REVIVO BioSystems in the news

We have been featured by The Strait Times and Cosmetics Design Asia. Follow the links to read the full articles.


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