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Run realistic 4D ex vivo & in vitro tests on ReleGO™


Introducing the 4th dimension in tissue testing

REVIVO BioSystems is an industry-recognised leader in microfluidic organ-on-chip technology that enables more efficient and representative safety, efficacy and permeation studies of active ingredients and formulations. Our platform mimics the 4th dimension in testing, which is the function of the blood flow, thus creating the most realistic in vivo-like environment for in vitro and ex vivo testing.

Read the full story about how you can overcome limitations associated with static culture techniques:

Test services are available to support the validation of ReleGO™ for your specific claims, with a variety of tissue models such as 4D full thickness skin and oral mucosa equivalents. If preferred, validation results can be generated before purchasing or leasing ReleGO™.

Our test services

✓ Efficacy tests for claims substantiation



Integrity of skin barrier

Oxidative Stress

Wound healing

✓ Permeation studies

Transdermal delivery studies

In Vitro Skin Absorption

In Vitro Release Testing (IVRT)

✓ Safety test for ingredients and formulation



Toxicity & Phototoxicity


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