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The future of oral-care research: the world’s first in-vitro oral barrier-on-chip

Updated: Jan 11

[November 2023 Edition]

New kid on the block: in vitro oral barriers-on-chip for dental- and oral-care research

We are thrilled to introduce the latest breakthrough in dental and oral-care research – REVIVO BioSystems' 4D in vitro oral barrier models, grown from human cells derived from the oral and gingival mucosa. These innovative models, 100% free of artificially added animal collagen (and other animal derived factors), usher in a new era of accuracy and reliability for your disease and drug studies.

What is more, they provide an in vivo-like representation of human oral barrier such as oral and gingival tissues, making them ideal for studying topical and systemic drug delivery, permeation, and toxicity of dental and oral care composites and products.

Curious about the applications of 4D oral barrier models for dental and oral care?

Unique dental- and oral-care applications are achievable utilizing our Oral Mucosa-on-chip, Gingiva-on-chip, and Tooth-on-chip. We offer a glimpse into the diverse possibilities our solutions can explore:

Oral Mucosa-on-chip

  • Introduce ulceration models on oral mucosa-on-chip to mimic pathological conditions

  • Evaluate drug penetration and the impact of oral-care products on ulcerated mucosal tissue compared to healthy tissue

  • Expose mucosal tissue to various oral-care products (toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.) and monitor their effects on cell viability, inflammation, and tissue integrity.


  • Reconstruct gum tissues in vitro (without animal tissues) to mimic blood and saliva flow

  • Study the mechanical action of oral-care formulations (e.g., mouth rinsing action), toxicity studies, and drug permeation and delivery studies (topical and systemic)

  • Investigate the mechanical actions of oral-care formulations on gingival tissues, evaluating potential toxicity and adverse effects

  • Apply substances topically and measure their diffusion across gingival layers, assessing drug release, absorption rates, and targeted delivery.


  • Quantify the permeability of dental-care products through dentin barrier over different time periods and under flow conditions

  • Assess the impact of dentin barrier on cytotoxicity/cytocompatibility of dental-care products on dental pulp cells under flow conditions

Dive into our latest research publication to learn more about how 4D gingival tissues are cultured and get the scoop on their wide-ranging applications for dental and oral care.

REVIVO BioSystems exhibited at the 37th IADR-SEA Annual Scientific Meeting & 2nd International Oral Health Symposium

REVIVO BioSystems recently exhibited at the 37th IADR-SEA Annual Scientific Meeting & 2nd International Oral Health Symposium. We showcased our latest oral barriers-on-chip innovations and we want to extend our gratitude for the enthusiastic response from everyone who visited our booth.

The event was also a platform for inspiring discussions about how REVIVO BioSystems' technology is advancing the future of oral health research by providing more human-relevant alternatives to animal testing.

To explore further our 4D barriers-on-chip models and their applications, click below to reach out to our team of experts.


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