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The revolutionary skin-on-chip platform, ReleGO™, is here!

[January, 2023]

The revolutionary skin-on-chip platform, ReleGO™, is here!

ReleGO™, REVIVO BioSystems’ fully automated and easy-to-use fraction collector system, is the solution you need to accelerate your safety, efficacy and permeation studies.

No more tedious manual operations!

ReleGO enables more reliable and faster data on new drugs, cosmetics and chemical active ingredients.

Its fully automated protocols are available for:

  • Permeation studies

  • In Vitro Release Testing (IVRT)

  • Long-term culture of skin explants

  • Time-based sampling for evaluation of soluble factors

This next generation platform adds a fourth dimension by mimicking the function of continuous blood flow under the skin, creating in vivo-like conditions.

And that’s not all! ReleGO™ is fully compatible with a wide range of skin simulants including native human skin, reconstructed tissue equivalents and synthetic membranes.

How is ReleGO™ going to transform your operations?

Improve testing efficiency and throughput

Enable up to 10X savings in manpower and biomaterials

Ensure more realistic experimental conditions


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