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Accelerating Research with Innovative Wound Healing Skin Models

REVIVO BioSystems' Standardised in vitro Pre-Wounded Model

For pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms, and research institutes focused on dermatology and regenerative medicine, finding advanced and reliable methods to test wound healing solutions is crucial. In vitro Wound healing skin models play a pivotal role in such wound healing studies allowing researchers to gain insights into the effects of potential therapeutic interventions for acute and chronic wounds.

REVIVO BioSystems leads the way in wound healing studies, offering sophisticated in vitro standardised pre-wounded models designed to accelerate your research (see the image below). Our models provide a reliable and precise method to study the wound repair processes, creating wounds with consistent shape and size in reconstructed full-thickness skin models. This surpasses traditional methods like scratch tests in 2D cell cultures or non-standardised biopsy punches in 3D skin models. Our advanced method offers a realistic representation of skin and allows for accurate assessment of cellular responses to new treatments and their efficacy.

Discover how REVIVO BioSystems’ innovative approach can enhance your research and be a dependable tool for the development of effective wound treatments.

Read our full Wound Healing Case Study on our website.

June updates

Expanding our footprint to Europe

REVIVO BioSystems has partnered with Monaderm as our new distributor in Europe, covering France and Italy. This collaboration is a significant step forward to better serve our clients in the region and provide easier access to our 4D in vitro and ex vivo technology platform, ReleGO™ & REVex™.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to expand our reach and capabilities. For more information on our distributors,  visit our website.

REVIVO BioSystems’ CEO took the stage at MPS World Summit 2024 in Seattle, Washington, US 

Our CEO, Dr. Massimo Alberti, recently participated in the MPS World Summit 2024 in Seattle, Washington, where he shared REVIVO BioSystems’ latest research achievements. Dr. Alberti presented compelling case studies, highlighting the innovative in vitro research and alternative-to-animal-testing advancements, which  are made possible by our proprietary technology.

During his talk, he focused on several of REVIVO BioSystems’ groundbreaking advancements, including: 

  • Long-term culture of human tissue explants. Read more about this topic on our website.

  • Innovative absorption studies, advanced aging model, and cutting-edge wound healing model. Explore the full case studies on our website

For queries or more information, reach out to our team at

Upcoming Events

2024 PCHi Technology Summit | 21-22 August 2024 | Guangzhou, China

SCSS Suppliers Day 2024 | 27 - 30 August 2024 | Singapore

Cosmetic 360 | 16-17 October 2024 | Paris, France | Booth FA12

In-cosmetics Asia | 5-7 November, 2024 | BITEC, Bangkok, ThailandExhibition & Technical Presentation (7 Nov)


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